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Induction training programme

We are delighted to be partnering with London South Teaching School Hub and Teach First to offer the full induction programme to schools in Lambeth. The programme is delivered as a blended model over six modules (one per half term) across the year.

ECTs will attend two 90-minute face to face seminars and access 4.5 hours of online study material per module. They will be supported in school by a mentor, who will also receive training:


                                                     Early Career Teacher                  Mentor 

Year 1  Year 2  Year 1  Year 2 
Mentoring Each week Each fortnight Each week Each fortnight
Induction 6 hours face to face 6 hours face to face 6 hours face to face 6 hours face to face
4.5 hours per half term 1 hour per half term 1 hour per half term 1 hour per half term
Seminars 12 x 80 minute seminars (two per half term) 6 x 90 minute seminars (one per half term) 6 opportunities to observe experts
6 x 80 minute seminars (one per half term)
6 x 80 minute seminars (one per half term)
Optional Stretch content in each module Teacher wellbeing course Career progression modules



Year 1 modules:

Module 1: How can you create powerful learning environments?

Establishing classroom routines and creating a culture of mutual trust and respect to ultimately make a powerful learning environment. 

Module two : How do pupils learn? 

The importance of memory, avoiding cognitive overload and building pupils’ long-term memory. 

Module three : What makes classroom practice effective? 

Effective classroom practice, such as retrieval practice, instruction and modelling, and using questioning effectively. 

Module four : How can you use assessment and feedback to the greatest effect? 

The importance of assessments, planning assessments and monitoring pupil work for misconceptions, and making feedback purposeful and manageable. 

Module five: How can you support all pupils to succeed? 

Supporting all pupils to succeed through adaptive teaching, and teaching pupils who require a greater level of support. 

Module six : How can you plan a coherent curriculum? 

Supporting pupils to build mental models and teaching a coherent curriculum. 


Each module includes self-directed study materials with expert guidance, research and examples of best practice. Much of the content is supported by video exemplification to show how translates into practice. All classroom footage has been filmed in real schools and features real teachers and classes. ECTs will join online or in-person training sessions to discuss theory and their own experiences with small groups of peers and experts. Mentors will be trained on having instructional coaching conversations with their early career teachers. 


In Year 2, the programme of study is subject-and phase specific, allowing Early Career Teachers to deepen their subject knowledge and expertise.